Safety patients at Neo Hospital in Cracow thanks to FortiGate

Confidential data security is one of the priorities in modern medical facilities. In order to provide comprehensive protection of the network used by employees and patients, Neo Hospital in Cracow decided to choose devices from the FortiGate series.

Neo Hospital in Cracow sets the standard for private medical care offering extensive care at the outpatient, diagnostic and surgical level in the field of gynecology, urology, orthopedics and surgery. The staff focuses on the latest technologies, for example, it uses Da Vinci surgical support system, which guarantees precision, improves effectiveness and reduces the invasiveness of performed procedures.

In 21st century modern hospital is a combination of two factors – people and technology. Neo Hospital, which belongs to the Neo Hospital Group, combines the most outstanding specialists with modern equipment, creating one of the most effective and patient-friendly medical centres. Protecting medical data brings safety to patients and that is why we focused  on modern and proven technology such as Fortinet solutions – says Joanna Szyman, President of the Board of Neo Hospital.

We were looking for a solution that guarantee the highest level of security and stability of the company network. We wanted a solution that would enable the implementation of appropriate network segmentation and its development in a distributed model. At the same time, we wanted to be sure that patient data would be effectively protected against leak or theft. Finally, we decided on integrated protection, which is provided by Fortinet UTM class devices. One of them is FortiGate, which meets all of our requirements – explains Michał Ważydrąg, Head of IT Department at Neo Hospital.

The highest level of security

When designing the IT infrastructure of the hospital, the priority was to ensure an adequate level of security of medical data stored in electronic form. The management of the hospital also wanted to choose a solution that would allow patients to access the internet without risk of confidential data theft risking theft of confidential data and attacks from outside or from the local network.

The series of FortiGate products provides the highest levels of performance and security while simplifying the network structure. The platform is equipped with a set of protective functions, which include protection against attacks (IPS), application control, anti-virus protection, web filtering, spam recognition and blocking of dangerous websites.

FortiGate is a comprehensive solution that guarantees protection and full network security. The device responds to the need to control traffic at the interface with the internet, in particular encrypted traffic, allowing you to build easily a very broad security policy. The manufacturer offers equipment in various series, designed for both small medical facilities and hospitals – explains Aleksandra Łabus, Junior Product Manager at Veracomp, which is the largest distributor of Fortinet solutions in Central and Eastern Europe.

FortiGate integrated security systems provide medical facilities with protection for all locations and critical applications such as patient service and payment systems. These solutions are characterized by multi-level and scalability of security. Their range covers devices for remote locations and mobile applications to data centres.

Geotechnology, the integrator of IT solutions, implementing projects both on the Polish and foreign markets, was responsible for providing the solution.

We offer broad IT support for our clients, both from a commercial and technical point of view. We have a group of specialized engineers who provide services in the field of IT, programming and implementation projects. We had the pleasure to implement the project for Neo Hospital in Cracow together with our trusted business partner and distributor – Veracomp – says Piotr Biestek, Managing Director, Geotechnology.