LIGHTWEIGHT SIEM BY LOGmanager for O2 Slovakia

O2 came to the Slovak market in February 2007 as the third mobile operator. Since its beginning, it has brought revolutionary solutions, open communication and fairness to all customers. With a simple product portfolio, it seeks to systematically change the rules of mobile communication.

O2 is a holder of the QMS quality certificate conforming to the ISO 9001 standard, which guarantees a high level of provided services and their continuous improvement, as well as the ISO 27001 certificate focused on information security management.

In terms of number of employees it ranks among large enterprises with 500 to 999 employees. Approximately 70 people work in the Network Department at O2 Slovakia, while 8 come into contact with LOGmanager, as administrators or users. It is an extensive transport network throughout Slovakia, which contains about 400 active devices from which events are collected through LOGmanager.

They have chosen LOGmanager for the following reasons:

  • it makes it easier to find network events
  • network infrastructure overview
  • to obtain a license-free program, representation and support in the Czech language

For the purpose of network communication troubleshooting, O2 mostly uses the built-in functions of individual devices. Previously, they were only able to process outputs in limited quantities, without the possibility of correlating them with logs from other devices. There was no solution to generate notifications for different network events.

O2 thus obtained a full SIEM:

  • Network communication troubleshooting going through multiple viarewall (using Fortigate firewall traffic log)
  • Get an overview when sending notifications about various events on network devices
  • Unification in back-correlating events on network devices and look for their causes

LOGmanager is an affordable solution that meets our requirements. We wanted a central log repository with analytical features and sufficient performance. We’ve got a complete overview of what’s going on in our infrastructure – says Ivan Gašparík, IP Network Manager, O2 Slovakia.

LOGmanager has been developing since 2014 as a core product of Sirwisa, a.s., based in Prague. You can find selected references at Its customers include not only state administration, but also industrial enterprises of all sizes and departments, business companies, banks, insurance companies and others.